Month: August 2013

Downloads, Nuke, Python, Scripting

Nuke Workgroup & Gizmos

For easy plugin/script handling in nuke, here my little workgroup-“system”. include Gizmos: -ns_Crop_to_BBox -ns_LMVector_Blur -ns_RGBA_Glow -ns_Simple_ChromaticAboration -ns_Simple_Framestamp -ns_Simple_Vignette -ns_UV_Projection include Python-Scripts: -ns_Reload_All_Loader -ns_Search_Replace_All_Loader Installation: 1.) put the in your .nuke directory (C:/UsersAccount/.nuke/) 2.) opene the and change the specific path to your nuke-workgroup Place new gizmos, python-scripts etc. in the right folder and

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