About & Freelancing

I′m a 3D-Generalist with strengths in technical/procedural approaches e.g. ICE-setups / Houdini.
I optained a degree (diploma) in media informatics technology from the University of Applied Sciences Hof.

As an employee i have worked 7 years as 3D-Artist at das werk in munich (formerly PICTORION das werk). In 2013 i became a freelancer.

For a detailed resume and skill description feel free to contact me.

per e-mail:
or phone:
+49 (0) 176 63350183


Main Software:

Houdini (Redshift, Arnold, Mantra)
Softimage XSI (Redshift, Arnold)
Fusion, Nuke
Mudbox, UV-Layout
Substance Painter
Adobe CC
Agisoft Photoscan

If needed, i have a mobile performance Workstation with 3x GTX-Titan-X cards. Also a mobile Rendernode with 4x GTX-1070 cards (2x Redshift Licenses).


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