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ns_Redshift ID Handler

After my last freelance job, with a lot of objects and materials, i decided to develope a Python/PyQT plugin to organize PuzzleMatte IDs in Softimage with Redshift.
This can organize ObjectIDs (on meshes, pointclouds, groups), MaterialIDs and AOVs as well.
This script works with Redshift v1.3.15 and above.
This is not production approved. If you found some critical bugs feel free to contact me.

ns_RedshiftIDHandler v0.1:

– organizing MaterialIDs, ObjectIDs, PuzzleMatte AOVs
– automatic generation of IDs and AOVs
– check functions (IDs <> AOVs)
– selection of objects/groups over IDs

NOTE: Needed installations/descriptions for PyQT
Do you have installation problems with PyQTForSoftimage -> Softimage Mailinglist

Install the ns_RedshiftIDHandler_v01.xsiaddon in your favourite workgroup.