Houdini, Python, Scripting

ns_Version v0.16 Update

What are these scripts for? General Description: Scripting/Tools/Workflow Houdini

ns_Version v0.16

Fixes/Additions to Version 0.15:

– added/updated several HDA’s
– reorganized Settings gui for a better workflow
– reorganized HIP Selector gui
– added ENV Check
– added INTEGRITY Check
– added ns_Tools Shelf: ns_Rendercam with Focuscontrol
– added ns_Tools Shelf: Get Substance Maps
– added gallery shop-shader: rs_substance_metal_rough
– added “Deactivate Simulation while saving” toogle to Drop-down and Settings
– added commands for textures and assets copying in right-click context
– [ Toolbox ]:
— added AOV-Handler: find all custom AOVs
— added Python Node Exchanger
— added ns_Tools Shelf: Create Shelf-Tool from Selection


ns_Version v0.15

Fixes/Additions to Version 0.14:

– added more features to the UVLayout Export Settings
– changed layout/structure of the ns_Version settings to a more strict and simpler Task/Shot based system
– added Preset-Dropdown and automatic standart HOU project creation to ns_Foldermaker.


ns_Version v0.14

Fixes/Additions to Version v0.13:

– added [ Foldermaker ] for custom projects
– added some more parameters to the settings widget
– added quick Rendercam view
– added [ Open ] Section
– added [ Toolbox ] Section:
— added Redshift AOV/ID Editors
— added Comp-File Exporter
— added Proxy/Standin Export Scripts
— added UV-Layout Exporter Scripts
— added Quick Export/Import Scripts for Nodes between different Computers (user-based)