Houdini, Python, Redshift

Scripting/Tools/Workflow Houdini

I developed these scripts to make my “3D/Houdini” life a bit easier and cleaner. Was a lot of fun to create and i learned a lot!
All done in Python/PyQT.

Maybe a bit boring. If not, please watch in Fullscreen and Fullres.

Updates: http://www.enoni.de/wp/?p=1619

00:08 ns_Version: Files/Pyton Scripts Location
00:45 ns_Version: ns_FolderMaker
01:17 ns_Version: Create Project
02:17 ns_Version: Settings
03:51 ns_Version: Hip Selector
04:43 Toolbox: Redshift: AOV-Handler & Render-output
07:36 Toolbox: Redshift: Puzzle-ID/AOV-Handler
09:39 Toolbox: Redshift: Proxy from OBJ-Selection
11:39 Toolbox: Redshift: Proxy Sequence from OBJ-Selection
12:02 Toolbox: Compositing: Comp-File Generation
14:16 Toolbox: UVLayout: Quick Export/Import
15:58 Toolbox: Quick Export/Import (HDA)