Asset Handler

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Generate Houdini Assets (HDA) with thumbnails & copy external files. Define metadata for searching etc. Create versions from your assets and build variations.

Place assets directly in the SceneViewer or NetworkView. Context sensitive. Use PythonViewer states for placeing or replaceing.

Use local HDRI & HDRI Lights or load some from a free online API library. The API Queue let you directly add resources from or Use it instantly for different Renderer.

Auto parsing Aixterior & Megascans assets. Use it with render-ready materials for different Renderer. Adding API models from with the API Queue. All with render-ready PBR-Materials for all supported Renderer.

Scatter Asset-Sets with custom HDAs. Build piles from sets with the PhysicPainter or stack them manually. Move and rotate them in the SceneViewer, switch through the instances and place them with plenty of options.

Adding textures and texture sets with PBR SceneViewer preview and auto. PBR materials. texture set API support. Build shader presets with rendered thumbnails and organize them between folders.




Release 1.13.6 – Changelog


  • Drag & Drop HDA/Assets from Asset Handler to the NetworkView & SceneView
  • Auto HDA creation with thumbnails from any Geo-Node/setup
  • Store networks/setups as PythonCode (NoneHDA)
  • Auto HDA creation and placement for Aixterior and Megascans files; auto. shader/material: Mantra, Redshift, Arnold & Renderman, KarmaX
  • Custom metadata, searching in libraries & versioning HDAs
  • Auto proxy/archive deploying from any Geo-Node/setup (Redshift only)
  • HDRI/texture/texture-sets import and Quickviewer
  • Texture handling, adding easy texture loader in MAT context: Mantra, Redshift, Arnold, Renderman, KarmaX
  • Shader presets & handling with thumbnail creation, dropping shader in MAT context: Mantra, Redshift, Arnold, Renderman, KarmaX
  • Exported maps from Substance can added with one-click (Metal/Roughness & Redshift only)
  • PBR texture-sets maps can added with one-click
  • Interactive scattering system via PythonStates and custom HDAs (incl. Rigid Body – pyhsical based)
  • Scattering/Distribution HDA`s, with simple Wire-Solver implemention for dynamic grass and plants
  • Asset API support for and; auto. PBR shader/material: Mantra, Redshift, Arnold & Renderman, KarmaX
  • API Queue
  • CodeHandler for storeing and accessing code snippets (VEX, Python).
  • Updates & Fixes (user feature requests will be implemented)
  • Discord:

Requirements & Support:

  • Houdini FX, Core, Indie or Apprentice 18.5.x & H19.0.x (Py3.7 only, Py2.7 support dropped with Version 1.13.5; Windows, Linux, MacOS)
  • H19.5.x (Py3.7 & Py3.9; Windows, Linux)
  • Mantra, Redshift 3.x, Arnold 5.x, Renderman 24.x & KarmaX
  • Windows
  • Linux (tested with Mint 19.3 Cinnamon and Mint MATE)
  • MacOS (testet with Intel/Catalina, ARM version is provided but not tested)

Python & HDA files are uncompiled & unlocked. Ready for own modifications.

Current Version 1.13.6

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