Asset Handler Installation

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AH = AssetHandler

The AH uses the package system from Houdini, to set the right Environment variables (ASSET_HANDLER_ANCHOR). So modify the ns_AssetHandler.json package file and set the right path to your unzipped AH location.

modify the “ASSET_HANDLER_ANCHOR” entry with a proper path


Navigate to the Houdini 19 user folder C:\<USER>\Documents\houdini19.0\packages. Create a “packages” folder if none exist. Copy the ns_AssetHandler.json into it.


Navigate to the Houdini 18.5 user folder home/<USER>/houdini19.0/packages, create a “packages” folder. Copy the ns_AssetHandler.json into it.

open AH in a new PaneTab
under Preferences->”Asset Library Anchor” set a valid folder path (can be a empty folder)


Settings will be stored under C:\<USER>\Documents\houdini18.5\plugins\ns_AssetHandler\Preferences.json and $JOB\__ns_AssetHandler\Preferences.json (if you choose the project based library option)

Additional Libraries