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Version 1.02

  • fixed a wrong variable in ../python_panel/OPmenu.xml that causes not finding .py files in Right-Click Context at the Netview Editor
  • fixed some handling errors
  • added a ns_hdri_thumb.hda
  • added “Jump To Shader Network” Button on Aixterior and Megascans template .hda(s)
  • added “Add” Menu item for Right-Click Context on every Asset, to avoid Drag & Drop
  • dropped/added HDA(s) to Network View are now instant editable and dont need to unlock
  • added new Asset Definition Chooser for HDA(s) when dropping to Network View
  • small modifications for Asset Version(+), .ui and handling
  • fixed .ui Stylesheets
  • [LINUX] initial Release (Tested with Mint 19.3 Cinnamon and MATE)
  • [LINUX] removed the OpenCV lib for HDRI thumbnail generation (COPs will generate the thumbnails instead)
  • [LINUX] removed the HDRI Quickviewer