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Known Issues

AH = ns_AssetHandler

  • Mantra auto. shader template is just a basic implementation — Solve: Make your own auto. shader or modify the current HDA
  • Background thumbnails wont be deleted (Network View) with deleting of the corrosponding node — except: a node which is created and deleted in a single Houdini Ssession will throw a “DeleteEvent” and will be proper deleted. After restart, the events are not present anymore. Demon thumbnails are deletable in NetworkView > Edit Background Images or “CNTRL + I”
  • “Qt Warn: libpng warning: iCCP: profile..” — color profile of your computer OS differs with loaded images. Appears when loading thumbnails. can be ignored.
  • Mixing .hda, .hdalc or .hdanc can causes issues.
  • [LINUX] Drag & Dropping assets feels laggy — use: Right-Click > “Add”. (found the case under Mint 19.3 Cinnamon, MATE was fine)
  • [LINUX] “Open Location” drops sometimes a failure which is Linux/Python/OS related. Mostly pops this up with Network-Storage and how they are mounted. Sometimes it helps if you where always with the OS file manager in the library/mounted drive before.
  • [LINUX] AH location on network mounts (CIFS) can causes issues to find the OpenCV libray. In cases of a failure just copy the python2.7libs or/and python3.7libs to your local houdini user folder.
  • Megascans and Aixterior throws a failure while scaning/parsing— solve: dont rename any files or top folder you loaded from Aixterior or Quixel. Do not connect direct Quixel`s topfolder where Quixel Bridge stores they Megascans assets. This tool dont search recursive through the folder. Use instead Additional Libraries for the different types: Docs

Bugs in general, drop me a line to: hello@enoni.de or Discord: https://discord.gg/YAKQYTRC