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Version 1.12

  • fixed a mayor failure(s) for executing scripts in RMB Network-Context on Geo/Shader etc.
  • fixed a threading issue while scanning and searching
  • fixed mayor searching issues for all asset types
  • fixed a issue when AH is nested in a floating panel (supports now floating panels)
  • fixed a issue with thumbnail generation, appears while adding Geo to the HDA/Proxy Tab
  • fixed serveral minor bugs
  • fixed a permission error in case you add a Object as HDA asset if “Copy external Files to Library” is enabled (Objects and there childnodes where recursive unlocked to solved this)
  • changed the file/script structur in a more “Houdini-ish” way
  • changed Py2.7 and Py3.7 version of AH are now in one Package
  • changed minor UI elements, (icons in the “Renderer Preconfig” gives a indication which Renderer is available etc.)
  • added Shader Tab/Shader Context for Shader Presets:
    • drag & drop Material Builder/Networks/VOPs etc.
    • create Folder(s) let you move/organize shader presets between them
    • auto. Thumbnail generation via TOPs/PDG for Redshift, Mantra, Arnold & Renderman
  • added ns_rs_pdg_shader_thumb.hda, ns_mantra_pdg_shader_thumb.hda, ns_pxr_pdg_shader_thumb.hda & ns_ar_pdg_shader_thumb.hda
  • added a option “Thumbnail Rendering” at the Preferences-Tab for automatic Thumbnail creation
  • added a option “Unlock Recursiv Childnodes ” at the Preferences-Tab to avoid permission error, in case you add a Object as HDA asset (if “Copy external Files to Library” is enabled)
  • added choice to use the current camera for Thumbnail generation (HDA/Proxy)
  • added H19 support
  • GOODIE: a little Redshift OSL Shader library (https://github.com/redshift3d/RedshiftOSLShaders)
Drag & Drop from teared Panes now supported
New Package structure Linux/WIN
Shader Presets Tab for Redshift, Mantra, Arnold & Renderman via PDG/TOPS
Drag & Drop with Thumbnail Generation
Placing Material Builder/VOPS to MAT Context
Organize Shader Folder and Meta Data
OSL Shader Preset Library for Redshift (linkable as a additional Shader Library)