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Version 1.05

  • changed Values/Structure in Assets .json DB(s)
  • changed Megascans parsing for handling different name patterns and inconsistencies, especially 3dplants. (Billboards not supported; Quixel .json is required, delete existing *_meta.json generated from ns_AssetHandler) – Overall better Megascans Parsing
  • changed parsing failure handling for all Asset Types & better Feedback
  • changed OPMenu.xml Visibility
  • fixed a script path failure in OPMenu.xml
  • fixed a OGL/Shader bug with opacity maps for Megascans
  • added ns_rs_studio_light.hda for auto. Studio Lights. (Redshift only, NOTE: The folder with the Studio Light HDR(s) have to named “hdri_lights” and added as Additional Library)
  • added a “Remove chs and eval Parm Inputs” Script. Toolbar & Right-click mat-Context (expand e.g. texure paths inputs to full strings)
  • added a “Eval Library Var” & “Set Library Var” Button on Aixterior and Megascans Assets (expand e.g. texure paths inputs to full strings / vice versa)

DELETE all previous generated *_meta.json and ns_assethandler_hdri_db.json + thumb folder in your Assets

Place directly custom RS Area Light HDAs from a Additional Library with Light HDRs
Evaluate Houdini Variables in Megascans & Aixterior Assets
Evaluate all Pathes/Texture Inputs on Materials (on & inside the vopnet)