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HDRI & HDRI Lights

Place your .hdr or .exr direct in the hdri folder of your Asset Library
Drag & Drop the HDRI to Network View. A proper Domelight/Environment Light will created & setted.

Double-Click on a HDRI in the Asset Handler, with a selected Domelight Node in the Network View, will instantly change the Input and Thumbnail of the Domelight.

Define the Domelight Type in the Preferences > Renderer Preconfig
Simple Viewer with Tonemapping (Windows only)
Linux Version dont use the OpenCV Library for Thumbnail generation. Instead it uses COPS. The downside is, that the generation process blocks Houdini.

LINUX: change the Houdini Compositing Preference to a higher Resolution Limit.

Additional Note: None exist Thumbnails and Meta Data will created or re-created over the “Scan” process.

With Version 1.07 Linux also use are working OpenCV Library. So COPs are deprecated.