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Redshift Proxies (.rs)

Static Proxy creation

Drag & Drop a Object-Node from the Network View to the Asset Handler Proxie Tab to create a Proxy or a Proxy Sequence. You instantly get a prompt for a static or sequence of proxies. The Houndi Progress Window appears because you can drop multiple Objects with one Drop.

Static RS Prompt for Motion Blur

For proper Motion Blur of your Proxy you can quick copy the settings from aexisting render Redshift ROP or handle it manually.

In the created Meta Data are the Description of the Proxy
The Animated MB Proxy Prompt have a Framerange Input, which is corrosponding to the .hip Framerange. Change it to the Range you needed.
Drag & Drop from the Asset Handler to the Network View for placing the proxy. You can change the Proxy Display Mode > Redshift OBJ parms.
Right-Click Context let your e.g. replace the Thumbnail.

Arnold Archives (.ass)

In Development