Fusion, Houdini, Redshift, Substance Painter

Houdini Snippet Vol.17 – Burning Skull

A little snippet from my post corona deppression. Actually it starts with some pyro solver practises and tests, to create nice flames…and then a skull….and bones…..leads into a obsession to bones. So i did this little scene to achieve some mystic and superior “Flame Skull” with evil magic happend…that let little bones flies, wuhuooo. “The Bones King awake!”.

After many iteratons i found a good way to achieve good locking and scaling flames with enough control over the movement and shape. Unlikely its always a combo of sim and shader. The Redshift Volume Shader is not that sophisticated but the speed is honorable.
RBD sims are all rendered as packed prims. So the scene is very ligthweight and easy to handle. I did 4 effect types: pyro-sim, rbd-bones wall, rbd-flying bones, fake mb sparks. Skulls and bones get quick uvs from SidefxLabs and the textures where made in Substance Painter. For the rbd part i build a setup where you can throw in any type and count of geo and it will automatically creates a sphere collision representation (fast & concave!) which feeds a DOP. After the finished DOP simulation i replace the collision packed prims with the highres ones and rendered the packed prims directly.
As always, some comp work in Fusion.

Done with Houdini and Redshift. Thx for watching and stay healthy.