Month: November 2017

Fusion, Houdini, Redshift, Softimage

Porsche – 917

The legendary Porsche 917 – one of my favourite cars. First 24h Le Mans winning Porsche in 1970. Responsable for all tasks. Modeling/Shading and Rigging in Softimage. UVs in UVLayout, Textures in Substance Painter. Renderscene/Grassscatter/Platform in Houdini. Rendering with Redshift. Small CC and Comp in Fusion. Exhaust-Fire test with the Pyro-Solver: Some renders from shots

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Downloads, Houdini, Redshift

Houdini Snippet Vol.8 – Dustdevil

Testing and messing around with some volumes, vectorfields and DOPs. Done in Houdini with Redshift. Overview. Main Setup: Using an animated curve. I used velocity from particles to fill the volumes. I created a main “Vortex Particle” sim and a wide area sim and mix them together before sourcing. I also split up the ground

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Fusion, Houdini, Redshift

Houdini Snippet Vol.6 – Stone

Some testing with photogrammetry, particle, lines and volumes. Done with Houdini, Redshift and Fusion. Overview. This is a older Setup. You dont have to instancing particles in Redshift anymore. For a couple of month they implemented their own particle primitive. Photogrammetry done with Agisoft, Canon6D, 2xRemote Flashes + Softbox and a Bluescreen. Displacement-map generation and remeshing

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Downloads, Fusion, Houdini, Redshift

Houdini Snippet Vol.6 – Dedorm & Grow

This visual test has two “main” procedual effects, the sin-deformer and the growing pattern. Done with Houdini, Redshift and Fusion. Scene: Deforming & Growing Setup Overview: The deforming VOP-SOP: The growing Part: volume & top-layer The point-wrangle SOP, polylines are rendered as strands in Redshift (Strip) 9 million points defining the polyline positions. Placed with

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