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Startup – Houdini Environment Python Tool

Gitlab Repository: (chat server beta) Note: this Tool is closely based on my way of working, naming stuff and organizing my files/apps. You need some knowledge of Python to manage this to get ready for your Workplace. (Windows only) This python script was created to starting Houdini easily with the right Workgroups/Renderers etc.

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Deadline, Houdini, Python, Scripting

Houdini Snippet Vol.10 – ns_Cache

THE WEDGE STUFF IS DEPRECEATED SINCE SIDEFX LAUNCHES PDG Today a snippet of a HDA im using every time. Handles all my caching stuff and working in conjunktion with ns_Version. Usage Demo with a simple particle setup: 00:00 – 03:10 Basics, caching on Deadline03:10 – 04:48 Take/Wedge system Some specs:– Fast naming, organizing, copying for

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