Month: December 2016

Freelancing, Portfolio

The Ivory Game

Some nice stuff i was involved in @ Kaiserlicht. my part: Ivory/Tusk-Assets CREDITS CLIENT: Netflix Terra Mater Factual Studios CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Felix Geremus 3D ARTISTS: Alexander Siquans Felix Geremus Niclas Schlapmann Dirk Mauche COMPOSITING ARTISTS: Lasse Clausen Martin Hess GRAPHICS DESIGNERS: Martin Hess Alexander Saum Christian Heyde Anja von Harsdorf ORIGINAL SCORE: H. Scott Salinas

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Houdini, Redshift

Dynamic Tree

This setup creates a procedual dynamic system for a given tree-mesh with Houdini and Speedtree. The cool thing about SpeedTree, besides the generator itself, is that you can export any kind of step from the l-system with the relevant curves inclusive. Starting point: Setting some attributes/ids/groups also the wire-constrains, cache it and throw it into

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