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Redshift & Octane on Deadline via Husk Prt.2

Please check out the first part:  https://www.enoni.de/wp/karma-on-deadline-via-husk/ Read to the lines where the scripts enhancements at the Deadline repository starts. These first steps are necessary. Lets take your favourite renderer to USD land and skip the part of making *.rs or *.orbx archives and render standalone via Husk. Here is a small update on specific

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Deadline, Houdini, Karma, Pipeline, Python, Scripting

Karma on Deadline via Husk PRT.1

Here is a little summary (and guide), how i render Karma jobs on Deadline and Husk – Directly from Houdini USD-ROPs in Solaris. The Standart Deadline Submitter/Implementation uses Hython to start Houdini render jobs. BTW, im using Deadline Version Why Husk not Hython? Like Husk, Hython is a Command line tool as well. Its

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This was primarily a PDG/TOPs exercise to auto generate Shaderballs and Montages from lot of .hdr files with Redshift. This pack includes 24 pieces from Munich, Bavaria, Lanzarote & Tyrol. The HDRIs are in 12K, stiched with PTGUI and retouched with PS. Get Pack (Google Drive ~ 3.9 GB): ns_24.hdri_pack.zip Get PDG Setup: 004_pdg_hdri_setup_V001__NS.zip

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Deadline, Houdini, Pipeline, Python, Scripting, Tools

ns_Startup – Houdini Environment Python Tool

Gitlab Repository: https://gitlab.com/e_noni/ns_startup https://gitlab.com/e_noni/ns_startup_server (chat server beta) Note: this Tool is closely based on my way of working, naming stuff and organizing my files/apps. You need some knowledge of Python to manage this to get ready for your Workplace. (Windows only) This python script was created to starting Houdini easily with the right Workgroups/Renderers etc.

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