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This was primarily a PDG/TOPs exercise to auto generate Shaderballs and Montages from lot of .hdr files with Redshift. This pack includes 24 pieces from Munich, Bavaria, Lanzarote & Tyrol. The HDRIs are in 12K, stiched with PTGUI and retouched with PS. Get Pack (Google Drive ~ 3.9 GB):

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Asset Handler – Houdini Python Panel

Asset Handler is a Python Panel for SideFX Houdini that allows easy creation and access HDAs/Assets from a Library. Get Asset Handler 1.11 Installation Documentation EULA Release 1.11 Changelog Features: Drag and Drop HDAs from the Asset Handler to the Network View Auto HDA creation with thumbnails from any Geo-Nodes HDRI/Texture Import and Quickviewer Auto

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Startup – Houdini Environment Python Tool

Gitlab Repository: (chat server beta) Note: this Tool is closely based on my way of working, naming stuff and organizing my files/apps. You need some knowledge of Python to manage this to get ready for your Workplace. (Windows only) This python script was created to starting Houdini easily with the right Workgroups/Renderers etc.

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Houdini Snippet Vol.13 – Burning Paper

The main goal of this test was to ignite a fuel-field(paper) from a temperature emitting object(candle). I managed this with embedded fields. So i did this little paper-burn scenario, with a desintegration effect on top. For the desintegration effect i created two levels of clusters, which are released from the transfered heat field. The approach

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Houdini Snippet Vol.11 – Selection to Shelf Tool

Create a shelf tool – you can just drop a bunch of nodes to a shelf and voila… so the houdini docs. In some cases it works in some it doesn’t. I tried a small script.  Python Code (Prototype):

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