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Porsche 917

The legendary Porsche 917 – one of my favourite cars. First 24h Le Mans winning Porsche in 1970. Responsable for all tasks. Modeling/Shading and Rigging in Softimage. UVs in UVLayout, Textures in SubstancePainter. Renderscene/Grassscatter/Platform in Houdini. Rendering with Redshift. Small CC and Comp in Fusion. Exhaust-Fire test with the Pyro-Solver: Some renders from shots that

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A little Python/PyQT script that gather & copy Texture(s) from your Softimage/XSI scene to specific folder. some notes for ns_Gather Textures Version 0.1: -supports Sources in Materials, Sources in TextureMaps-Properties & Sources in Lightshader (Sources on Camerashaders, Volumeshaders, Environmentshader  & Rotoscopes will follow) -supports Texture Sequences with any kind of Padding -supports UDIM Sequences in .1001.

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Downloads, Python, Scripting, Softimage

ns_Version Update .52

ns_Version is a python script that allows you to versioning your scene related data. That includes the XSI scene itself, renderpictures, captures & ICE caches. You can organize it with a bunch of subfolder possibilities which placed it in the common XSI scenefolder structure. There are also some handy tools/scripts included.   ns_Version v0.52 :

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ns_Redshift ID Handler

After my last freelance job, with a lot of objects and materials, i decided to develope a Python/PyQT plugin to organize PuzzleMatte IDs in Softimage with Redshift. This can organize ObjectIDs (on meshes, pointclouds, groups), MaterialIDs and AOVs as well. This script works with Redshift v1.3.15 and above. This is not production approved. If you

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Nuke, Redshift, Softimage

Audi LMP1 Concept – Belt Drive Hybrid

I love motorsport and racing, particular the prototypes from 24h Le Mans and WEC. I always wanted to “design” a concept car with crazy and futuristic components, so this is my first result. A “belt drive” driven hybrid car. I used Softimage, Redshift, Mari and Nuke. Turntable: Some wires & states: UV´s

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A tiny spare-time project with some strand and particle parts created mostly with ICE in Softimage. I rendered with Redshift and did some comp-work(glow!) in Fusion. Alien-Ivy setup: In sum: take the normals from the obstacle with some crossproducts and random values for the direction vector. In frequence, i add points to the position of

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ns_Raygun shoots “rays” (strands) with controllable bounces from a given emitter geometry torwards a obstacle. Note: i recognized there is a issue if the environment-geo has no thickness and correct normals. ns_RayGun.2.0.xsicompound (Rendering done with Arnold) The Lizard-Scenefile for Softimage: RayGun_Lizard.scn (Rendering done with Redshift)

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ns_Legolizer compound generates, from a given geometry, a instanced pointcloud with some variation of legopieces. You can transfer textures/vertexcolors to instanced legopiece color. ns_Legolizer.emdl Quick scan with vertexcolors from a kinect sensor. By the way thats me with headphones on!

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