Fusion, Houdini, Redshift, Softimage

Porsche – 917

The legendary Porsche 917 – one of my favourite cars. First 24h Le Mans winning Porsche in 1970.
Responsable for all tasks.
Modeling/Shading and Rigging in Softimage. UVs in UVLayout, Textures in Substance Painter. Renderscene/Grassscatter/Platform in Houdini. Rendering with Redshift.
Small CC and Comp in Fusion.

Exhaust-Fire test with the Pyro-Solver:

Some renders from shots that are still in progress:

Some Modeling/Texture/Rig slides from Softimage:

Some parts from SubstancePainter:

Some car behaviour testing:
(Used Craft Studios in Maya and transfer the Animation back to Softimage)