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Rendering from nuke-UI is ridiculous slow? Here a tiny script to trigger more threads. Select a specific “Write”-node and fire the script. The scripts starts commandline render-instances with splitted frameranges. Windows Only!

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ns_Raygun shoots “rays” (strands) with controllable bounces from a given emitter geometry torwards a obstacle. Note: i recognized there is a issue if the environment-geo has no thickness and correct normals. ns_RayGun.2.0.xsicompound (Rendering done with Arnold) The Lizard-Scenefile for Softimage: RayGun_Lizard.scn (Rendering done with Redshift)

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ns_Legolizer compound generates, from a given geometry, a instanced pointcloud with some variation of legopieces. You can transfer textures/vertexcolors to instanced legopiece color. ns_Legolizer.emdl Quick scan with vertexcolors from a kinect sensor. By the way thats me with headphones on!

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ICE Experiments

Threading ns_ThreadFromCurve.xsicompound Plexus ns_StrandNetAll.xsicompound ns_StrandNetNearest.xsicompound ns_StrandNetNearestNull.xsicompound ns_StrandNetRepeat.xsicompound Scanner ns_Scanner.emdl Text ns_SimpleText.emdl

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